I realize this is a very particular type of “Zoom” makeup, buuuuuuut I recently did this look for a live video check out with my family, and then my buddy and MBB reader Jan discussed that she was searching for a basic look to wear when you’re Zoom-ing with people who don’t wear a lot of makeup, so I figured that if at least two people had the same idea, someone else out there might find it helpful, too.

(Hopefully that someone is you!)


You could easily do this look as everyday makeup, too.
I usually like to adjust the level of makeup I wear according to who I’m chatting with (both for video calls and for real life); this look is an idea of what you could wear when you want to get some stuff on your face so you don’t look like a zombie on camera.

10 minutes, from start to finish
The step-by-step

BEGIN WITH brows and LASHES: First, fill in your brows (I used a brow pencil first, then brushed a clear brow gel through to mellow it out). Next, curl your lashes, and apply a thin coat of mascara to lock the curl. allow this thin layer to dry as you work on the rest of your face.

ACE THAT BASE: blend a medium-coverage matte or semi-matte tinted moisturizer all over your face with your fingers, and then buff your base lightly with a skunk brush to blur any severe lines or edges. dot concealer under your eyes and/or wherever you want extra coverage, and blend with fingers or a tapered eye brush. If your skin is oily, then set your base with a sheer dusting of powder.

BRONZE and DEFINE: dust a powdered bronzer on your cheekbones, around the perimeter of your forehead, and on your cheeks and chin, and then across the bridge of your nose with a big, fluffy powder brush. Next, load your favorite eye brush with the same bronzer, and sweep it into your crease and along your lower lash lines to softly define your eyes.

CHEEKS and LIPS: tap a cream blush (ideally, one that also doubles as a lipstick) on the apples of your cheeks with your fingers, and feather out the edges. Line and fill in your lips with a nude lip pencil, and blend a bit of the cream you used as a blush on top.

HELLO, HIGHLIGHTS: use your fingers to blend a cream blush onto your upper cheekbones and down the bridge of your nose. Then, blend a little on your lids from the lash line to your crease.

LINE and LIFT: draw a thin line with a pencil or a liquid liner along your upper lash line, and then smudge the edge with a pencil brush. If you want, tightline your upper lash line, too. (I typically like to do this because it makes my lashes look thicker.) finish by finishing your lashes with mascara that lifts and curls your lashes.

From start to finish, this typically takes me from 10-20 minutes (usually about 10 because I fly through it!).

All the makeup I’m wearing in these pics


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Makeup bärs i det här utseendet

It Cosmetics Brow Powerfull in universal Taupe

MAC Brow set in Clear

First aid charm Ultra repair tinted moisturizer in Tan

Kevyn Aucoin Supernatural Concealer in EC06

MAC Radiant Matte Bronzing Powder in completely Taupeless

Wander charm double date Lip and Cheek in Suite Talker/Swipe

Wander charm On-the-Go Illuminator in nude Glow

The Lip Bar Lip liner in straight Lovin

Honest charm liquid Eyeliner

MAC Eye Pencil in Coffee

Laura Mercier Caviar Mascara


For video calls, I don’t strive for symmetry or perfectly placed lines because, you know, I’ll be moving so much anyway that nobody’s going to notice if my eyeliner isn’t completely even or if it’s a little much more smudged on one eye than the other… just get your makeup on, get on that call, and relocation on with your life! ?

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