I’m trying something a bit different today — a different type of blog publish — something other than a makeup review, because, guuurl…my @ss is tired. third trimester is no joke.

A few weeks back my good friend Jen as well as I were texting back as well as forth, as well as she was like, “I dislike to break this to ya, however the third trimester is really, truly hard.”


And she was not kidding. as well as it’s not just difficult because, ya know, the achy hips as well as lower back, the shortness of breath, or exactly how it feels like the last leg of a long, drawn-out race (like running three marathons back to back), however it’s just… I didn’t expect being this tired. I’m truly worn out — like, ridiculously tired.

I’m so tired, as a matter of fact, that I believe I’m going to take a nap. A extremely long, charming nap.

But first, can we chat?


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So…last night I started reading a new book.

Well, it’s new for me, however I believe it’s been on shelves for a while. It’s called The bit book of Skin Care: Korean appeal tricks for Healthy, radiant Skin, as well as it’s by a lady named Charlotte Cho (she has a website, Soko Glam, where she offers Korean appeal products, as well as she’s likewise an esthetician).

The book is about Charlotte’s life, her experiences as well as the Korean skin care process. Charlotte was increased in southern California, however she later transferred to Seoul, Korea, for work (she’s Korean, by the way).

I don’t understand if you’re extremely familiar with Korean skin care products, however they’ve grown rather prominent right here lately in the U.S. (one of my preferred Korean skin care brands is AmorePacific).

The book goes into the process, the approach as well as likewise listings a few of Charlotte’s preferred Korean skin care products, all of which she tests on her website. as well as then there’s likewise some fascinating bits as well as insights into what it’s like to online in Seoul.

It’s been quite fascinating so far, as well as there’s excellent stuff such as this adorable illustrated 10-step (YES, 10 STEP) Korean skin care infographic…

The process kinda speaks to me, since I understand exactly how I am with makeup — I tend to make things a bit a lot more challenging than they requirement to be (Ooh! only 10 steps!? Let’s do this!) — however these days, with as worn out as I’ve been, I’d rather just laundry my face, put on some sunscreen, as well as phone call it a day, LOL!

Anywho, I flipped with the book last night before bed, as well as I believe it may have even assisted me sleep! I slept nearly all the method with the night, as well as say thanks to goodness for that since I haven’t been sleeping well lately. I felt excellent today, however I haven’t truly been feeling that psychologically excellent lately…so I went to the physician earlier this afternoon.

The doctor, actually, was a therapist, as well as I believe I’m going to see her on a regular basis every so often. I don’t understand if it’s just since I’m a naturally moody, innovative person, however I feel like I might utilize some additional one-on-one support.

So, I’m going to be doing that, as well as not just with the end of my pregnancy. I believe I’ll be keeping it up long term…

I’m looking ahead to just speaking to somebody new about things as well as perhaps even discover some new methods to frame the conversation in my head, if that makes any type of sense. So that’s what I did this afternoon, as well as it’s likewise why I’m currently not using any type of makeup. Ingen. Nada. Blixtlås.

Because after I got up this morning, I had things to do, so I started doing them before I put on my makeup. then I had to dash out of the house!

Actually, I haven’t used any type of makeup in — wait on it — two days!

But when I do lastly put on makeup again, I’m looking ahead to trying this new foundation by Giorgio Armani called Maestro Glow. It’s a serum foundation — thin formula, includes a dropper, that type of thing — with a dewy finish.

Giorgio Armani already has a foundation in their long-term line called Maestro combination Makeup, however this Maestro is different. It has a likewise thin consistency, however a lot more of a glow, as well as it likewise has broad-spectrum SPF 30 (I can’t keep in mind if the original Maestro does too).

I’m truly looking ahead to costs a lot more time with the texture, since I played with it a bit last weekend. I put some on my face, as well as it was so incredibly lightweight that it felt like nothing at all — just precisely like bare skin. I don’t understand if it’s going to have sufficient protection for me since it’s likewise incredibly sheer, however we’ll figure it out. I believe it’ll most likely be a great foundAtion för sommaren, när jag inte vill ha tung smink på mitt ansikte. Det är $ 64 (!) Förutom kommer ut nästa månad med en ny primer (även $ 64).

Um … den enda verkliga (citat) “makeup” (unquote) Jag använder idag är den 28 års läppolja av timglas – det bästa, mest bekväma, mest fuktgivande läppolja förstod till Womankind (åtminstone den här kvinnan). Det enda är priset … det är $ 42, så om du någonsin känner dig som att använda en extremt dyr läppbalsam, och / eller du behöver något löjligt hydratisering, är det utmärkt (kanske för nästa Sephora Vib-försäljning). Jag har allting tid med en nakenpenna. Jag kommer att radera mina läppar med penna, fyll in dem och poppa det här på toppen och yay! – En mega fuktad naken läpp.


Jag hoppas att saker går bra i slutet. Jag tror att jag ska ta den nappen nu … spädbarns kvinna bara sparkade mig, förresten, så jag antar att hon vill att jag ska berätta för dig “Hej”. vi hörs snart.

Din vänliga gemenskapsberättigande missbrukare,